MOH, Chicago Meeting 1 Darlene Jackson aka DJ Lady D starts in 6h30m

I will be following Darlene Jackson aka DJ Lady D tomorrow, approximately 7am- following day 3am, she is one busy lady; a mother and a DJ. I will be updating the following in realtime on this blog, Facebook artist page and twitter. Very exciting in same time requires some preparation of emptying a lot of rooms in myself. Follow me of following Darlene!

3/22/2010, Project meeting 14: Kim Griffis

Kim Griffis, 26, Grocer 1pm @ Kim’s housesitting place, showing the house and chat 1:30-2:36pm @ River & park, walking dogs 2:36-3:21pm Meet up a friend of hers to her hat back, then decide to join her friend and sons for sledding 3:21-5:54pm @ Big Tesuque, Sledding 5:54pm Arranging meeting up another friend of hers, […]

3/19/2010, Project meeting 13 Ungelbah Davila

Ungelbah(Ungie) Davila. 22. Cancerian, Student, Poet, Model, Filmmaker, Photographer, and Muse 11:13am @ Ungie’s Place 11:25am-12:04pm Driving around trying to get a coffee, successful on the third one: Java 12:24pm @ Jurassic Pet shop to tell the owner not picking up her second bunny: the place is closed 12:29pm @ Gas station on Cerrillos 12:52pm […]

3/17/2010, Project meeting 12: Bert Lopez

Bert Lopez, 35, Official & Musician 6am Everywhere is still dark I’m @ Santa Fe Place trying to find Applebees parking lot, where I’m supposed to meet Bert but there are no sign lit at this time at all 6:04am Bert sends me a text saying “you are late” 6:13am After few texts and driving […]

3/15/2010 Project meeting 8: Pippa Garner

Pippa Garners, 67, Artist & Inventor 1:52-1:59pm @ Ecco Espresso & Gelato, As arriving, Pippa engages a conversation with a guy sitting outside table about her bike 1:59-3:39pm @ Ecco Cafe 3:49-6:06pm @Home 6:27-7:15pm @ Whole Food, Grocery shopping, getting energy drink and chatting 7:36-8:19pm @ Gym, Mandrill’s 8:32-9:06 @ SFAI, Dinner 9:20-9:55pm @ Home, […]

3/12/2010, Project meeting 9: Steve Price

Steve Price, 52, Ranch Manager 7am @ Steve’s home, breakfast: Blueberry pancake and sausage 7:20am @ Barn, Feed horses 7:44am @ Santa Fe Brewery Company to pick up grains (recycling of brewing grains, feeds castles) 8:04am-11:25am Back to the ranch, start to feed bulls and cows in 6 different locations within 30miles dia. 11:31am Someone […]

3/9/2010, Project meeting 10: Grace Gallegos

Grace Gallegos, 84, Lady of leisure (part time house cleaner, president of union of projection NM, mother, and being Grace) 10am, @ Anne’s place where Grace works twice a week, 2 hours each, cleaning: start with straighten up kitchen, living room, office, bedroom & bathroom 10:26am @Anne’s, Cleaning(vacuums) starting with bathroom: she says “it’s very […]

3/8/2010, Project meeting 7: Haila Helen Harvey

Haila Harvey, 66, Generalist (Retired politician, house wife, and etc.) 11am @ Haila’s : Chat and Lunch 12:13pm @ Kitchen Angels < Volunteer for cooking 2:48pm @ Kitchen Angels office: for prep of “Angels night out” 4:10-5pm Delivery of Dinners to 8 clients 5:15-48pm @Home, Dinner 5:48-6:16pm @ Home, Change and rest 6:32-7:38pm @ Tango […]