Lisa’s Morning

7:20am Home, getting ready

7:37am-7-59am Dropping off her son (13) to his school in Old Town, checking on his vocabulary while she’s driving

8:15am Parking Garage downtown to go to work

8:22am ATM-Depositing

9:28am Arrive at work(Dean of Faculty/Vice President for Academic Administration, School of the Art Institute of Chicago), checking emails

it's good to work with bunch of women, talking about shoes, man, and period....yes, that's a good lubrication in between works

8:49am Checking with assistants for me sitting in some of meetings today, talking with a chair of dept.

9-9:25am Lisa’s assistance is out for Jury duty, she sends me to get a cake for her friend’s 50th birthday

9:35am In President Cabinet meeting

10:29am Back to office, checking emails, voice mail, returning phone call, get some material from an assistant, ask another assistant to set up the cake to surprise her friend who’s in the next meeting, getting a coffee, back to computer, next meeting is 11am.

11:08am Realize she’s late for a meeting

11:10am-12:00pm @ a meeting, brings birthday cake for Alan then meeting

12:00-12:59pm In Deans Cabinet meeting, lunch during the meeting

1pm Asks 3 assistants for helps with things, go to restroom

1:06pm-2:12pm Off to a meeting in off site for legal issues

2:14-2:25pm Take a power nap


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