Alberto’s Morning and Early Afternoon

8:58am Dropping kids(4 of them) to school
9am park his car in south side
9-9:28am commute to loop-usually walk but take a train today

9:28am At Harold Washington College, Office

9:30am In classroom

9:40am Ask Class to write 3 things they wish they are writing on FB right now (” Status Update”- Proclamatory statements

9:46am Going around classroom talk about what they wrote

9:55am “Let’s post it in an old-fashioned way.” Asks students to pick one of their writing and to draw it on paper with ink, using value

10am Drawing/instruction on whiteboard, get students started on their drawings

10:22am Gives several instructions: both individual & whole class

10:26am Bring rubber cement & masking tape for a student who uses dripping

10:30am Step out for coffee, walk down the street to illy

10:49am Back to class: go through individuals works in progress

11:15am Back to office for a break

11:24am Back to classroom, working with individuals

11:43am Critique on Mid term 3 people’s works

12:07pm End of critique, ask students to bring magazine for next class

12:07-12:21pm Checking voicemail on cell phone, calling a person in a gallery which he’s been working with for MDW Fair, and a “DINNER” project in early Nov.

12:21pm-12:45pm Checking emails, and writing one

12:51pm-1:15pm Lunch (Hoyun brought Panang Curry with Chicken with mixed grain rice and Kimch)

1:15pm- : Back to computer works(Alberto takes care of all his computer works in school, in the afternoons)


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  1. Kris Ramirez says:

    What a busy man doing a wonderful job!! :+)

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