3/19/2010, Project meeting 13 Ungelbah Davila

Ungelbah(Ungie) Davila. 22. Cancerian, Student, Poet, Model, Filmmaker, Photographer, and Muse

11:13am @ Ungie’s Place

11:25am-12:04pm Driving around trying to get a coffee, successful on the third one: Java

12:24pm @ Jurassic Pet shop to tell the owner not picking up her second bunny: the place is closed

12:29pm @ Gas station on Cerrillos

12:52pm @ Target: Get new mirror( her bunny broke one), Drop off a disposal camera for develop

1:31pm @ Wild Oats-Whole Food: Buy a bottle of red wine & materials to make pie for her boy friend

1:35pm @ Whole Food Parking lot, waiting for her friend who is in Whole Food

1:45pm @ Au Boudoir, a romance shop where she works 3 times per 2 week, to pick up something she left in refrigerator.

2:-2:33pm Back Home, Lunch

3:15pm Back to Jurassic Pet shop, instead of giving up the second bunny, she decide to take the bunny, but later on the day.

3:35-4:29pm @ Nail shop on Saint Michaels Dr. to prep for the photo shoot on Sunday

4:45pm @ Jurassic Pet shop to pick up Balentino( her new bunny)

5:09pm Back to Home with Balentino, her older boy bunny totally humping onto the tiny Balentino, Ungie gets quiet nervous about it and try to find out it that’s ok

6pm Back to Jurassic Pet shop to ask the owner to ask about the humping, store closed, talks him on the phone; apparently it’s ok, that calms Ungie down

6-8pm @ SFAI/Dinner

10:14pm @ Matador

11:01pm-12:15am @ lobby bar of Hotel Santa Fe, hanging out with my friends, Ungie spend more time checking out wing sculpture, souvenir shop, and later on finding a computer; doing facebook


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