3/17/2010, Project meeting 12: Bert Lopez

Bert Lopez, 35, Official & Musician

6am Everywhere is still dark I’m @ Santa Fe Place trying to find Applebees parking lot, where I’m supposed to meet Bert but there are no sign lit at this time at all

6:04am Bert sends me a text saying “you are late”

6:13am After few texts and driving around, I finally get to Applebees parking lot, hopping into Bert’s Patrol car

6:27am Catching someone running over stop sign, a citation

6:54am on 84/285 heading North talking, Bert spot someone speeding on the other lane heading south, a citation

between 7-8am An old lady speeding, a citation

8:21am A man not obeying stop sign is pulled over, Bert finds out the guy doesn’t have insurance, registration, not wearing seat belt, his car is unsafe condition; subject to 5 citations, Bert write 3 tickets and 2 counts to be dealt in court (the man will not have to pay fine if he fixes the problems before the court date)

between 8:45-9:45am Spot a guy with no seat belt, no license

9:45am On a dirt road, Bert strike a conversation with a guy walking down the street

9:50am On the same road, while he talks to the guy, spotting a woman not wearing a seat belt and pulling over. The lady said her son is in injured in high school and need to go to doctor’s appointment. Bert takes her driver’s license, and follows her: as he follows, pulling out her info, her license is revoked & she has a warrant out.

9:55am @ Poloaque Valley High School: Bert (state police man), Principal of the school, the son, the mother with revoked license, and a school nurse: Bert is back and force among these individual and his patrol car, figuring out the condition of the son, arranging the boy to be picked up by a family member, checking the current warrant info with the station, calling a tow truck to pick up the lady’s truck.

10:27am @ Poloaque Valley High School, Everyone is back to the school building but the lady and Bert. Bert arrests her. Remove all her rings (7) and earrings-> put in her truck. Sit her in the back of patrol car

10:29am-10:37am @ Poloaque Valley High School, Towing truck shows up

10:44am @ The lady’s place: she claimed for low blood sugar and many medical conditions she’s under, Bert asks the lady’s neighbor to get all her pills. Meanwhile Bert calls to the jail to figure out the procedure with the pills.

Between 11:25am-1pm @ Jail

1:05 @ Allsup gas station

1:25-2pm Lunch

2:08pm @ SFAI office, waiting for a fax (missing paper work) , he comes across to a classmate from college.

2:22-3:25pm @SFAI

3:25-3:55pm SFAI office, waiting for a fax again

4:10pm @ SF place, get in touch with his boss get permission for working 2 more extra hours.

4:22pm @ Agua Fria, pull over a guy in a truck for no seat belt: the guy is driving with suspended license.

4:45-5:15pm @ West Alameda & San Isidro Crossing, stationary seal belt inspection: Bert pulls over couple of cars

5:15-5:33pm @ West Alameda & San Isidro Crossing, Bert pulls over a truck for not wearing seat belt, smells marijuana and pulls him over. Finds 2 oz of marijuana in the car. Write a citation that is equivalent to arrest, will result the guy with a fine and social services.

Meanwhile, the guy Bert gave a citation on Agua Fria for driving with suspended license drives by West Alameda & Sand Isidro Crossing, waiving to Bert.

5:34-5:55pm @ West Alameda & San Isidro Crossing, finishing up log and heading to Police station on Airport for the St. Patrick’s day project- Street block & search, which I didn’t get permission to present.

6pm @ Applebee’s parking lot, I was dropped off


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