3/15/2010 Project meeting 8: Pippa Garner

Pippa Garners, 67, Artist & Inventor

1:52-1:59pm @ Ecco Espresso & Gelato, As arriving, Pippa engages a conversation with a guy sitting outside table about her bike

1:59-3:39pm @ Ecco Cafe

3:49-6:06pm @Home

6:27-7:15pm @ Whole Food, Grocery shopping, getting energy drink and chatting

7:36-8:19pm @ Gym, Mandrill’s

8:32-9:06 @ SFAI, Dinner

9:20-9:55pm @ Home, napping

10:05pm-12:30am @ underground, live band & hanging out with friends

12:35-1:10am @ Atomic Grill & Cafe

1:15-1:34am @ Home, chatting & letting me take photo of her Bra tattoo

1:35-2:05am @ Home, Making T-shirt of the day

2:05am-? @ Home, working on her art projects


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  1. john berry says:

    Where did Pippa get her bra tattoo? Love it !

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