3/12/2010, Project meeting 9: Steve Price

Steve Price, 52, Ranch Manager

7am @ Steve’s home, breakfast: Blueberry pancake and sausage

7:20am @ Barn, Feed horses

7:44am @ Santa Fe Brewery Company to pick up grains (recycling of brewing grains, feeds castles)

8:04am-11:25am Back to the ranch, start to feed bulls and cows in 6 different locations within 30miles dia.

11:31am Someone calls Steve for fixing

12pm Lunch-ranch raised beef burger and sweet potato flies

1-2:26pm Henry(82), Rick, Roger came to help Steve with castrating 22 bulls, Castrating 22 bulls

3:07pm  Clean the balls and soak them in milk

3:57-4:17pm Taking care of  feet of an old horse: Horse in a pedicure!

4:35-5:12pm Up to a field of buffalo, showing me the boundary of the ranch

5:22-5:45pm Fill up hay for a cage of cows

5:45-6pm Checking on bulls those were castrated earlier of the day

6:28-7:08pm Cooking

7:09-8pm Dinner-Testicles of bulls and mesh potato

8-9:15pm Talks


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