3/9/2010, Project meeting 10: Grace Gallegos

Grace Gallegos, 84, Lady of leisure (part time house cleaner, president of union of projection NM, mother, and being Grace)

10am, @ Anne’s place where Grace works twice a week, 2 hours each, cleaning: start with straighten up kitchen, living room, office, bedroom & bathroom

10:26am @Anne’s, Cleaning(vacuums) starting with bathroom: she says “it’s very easy to clean the clean”

11am @Anne’s, Mopping the floor

11:45am Grace is done cleaning.

11:45am-12:20pm Chatting

12:25-2:35pm @ Grace’s home, lunch with her daughter who temporary lives with Grace, chatting, and fixing a cassette tape player

2:50-4pm @ Motor Vehicle Center to renew Grace’s daughter’s  license plate (Whole day 84 years old Grace drives around 62 years old and 33 years old)

4:09-4:49pm @ SFAI

4:59pm @ Post office

5:15-6:20pm @ Cathedral for a mass

6:35-8:01pm @ Atrisco  cafe & bar for Dinner

8:15pm Drop off Holy Family to next house

8:30-11:24pm @ Grace’s home: conversations


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