3/6/2010, Project meeting 6: Ryan Crocker

Ryan Crocker, 29, 21st Century Homesteader

9am Leave Santa Fe

10:29am Arrive to Ryan’s, meet the family

11:06am Leave the “tent”  head to Donkeys

11:18am Tie donkeys outside of fence

11:21am Borrowing a grooming tool from John, who has bunch of goats and doves

11:24-11:30am Groom donkeys

11:31-11:35am Let donkeys out to another fenced area with water

11:41am-12:18pm @ Trailer, to be a new home on April fool’s day

12:21-12:45pm @John’s

1:13-1:49pm Lunch @ outside of “tent”

2:40pm @outside of “tent, playing with older son-3 years old

2:53pm Back to get donkeys

3:10-3:21pm Treat donkeys’ wounds

3:21-3:23pm Put donkeys back to their cage, and feed them

3:42pm Blowing out 29 candles for his 29th birthday @ his “tent”

3:45pm Sharing the cakes

3:56pm @ hammock

4:-4:47pm Studio time

6:15pm Dinner @ Ojo


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