3/4/2010, Project meeting 4: Aron Kalaii

Aron Kalaii, 32, Musician (MC and Drummer)

11:20am @ Public library on the Washington St. He is sending out emails for his show tonight and doing some administrative works.

12:08pm @ Aron’s place, drum practice alone

1:09pm Leaving home

1:20-1:55pm @Whole Food, Lunch

2:05-3:42pm SFAI

4:05-4:.33pm running around town

4:48-6:05 @ Band(Eyes of Nine) practice

6:18-7:50 @ home, resting and eating (I wasn’t present)

8pm-1am @ underground, the venue Aron’s band is playing

8:32pm lit candle

8:37pm change shoes

8:52pm help DJ Perish and drummer to carry their gears

8:59pm-9:28pm Set up (look through rhymes from his notebook) & Sound Check

10:33pm-11:18pm The show

11:41pm Outside, chatting with the guitarist

12:02-12:31am @ The Atomic Grill, Dinner

12:33am Back to underground to collect money


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