3/2/2010, Project meeting 5: Frank Mathew

Frank Mathew, 57, Attorney

10:23am @ Frank’s office

10:49am @ Courtroom

10:58am -11:16am @ Courtroom, Chat with a judge

11:18-11:26am @ Courthouse clerk, the person taking care of Frank is a friend of his child from girl scout, she recognized him after seeing his ID to pick up a check for his client, he wouldn’t be able to recognize her at all.

11:44am -11: 56am @ New Mexico Bank & Trust: They are Frank’s client and Frank is theirs

12:11pm-12:18pm @ GCCC for Voting

12:19pm-12:30pm @ GCCC showing me the Gym +

12:34pm-12:38pm @ Sam’s Gas station

12:44pm-12:53pm @ Home

1:20pm-1:47pm Lunch @ Frank’s office with one of his son

1:52pm Back to office work, Checking phone messages and emails

2:39-2:48pm A Client(?) with some questions

3:13pm left his office for the first time after lunch to hand a check and an mailing address.

3:16pm back to his desk, phone rang

3:19pm make a phone call

3:45pm Mike, a developer, who Frank think I should follow visits

3:55pm Frank tries to help my locate other people without sucess

4:26-pm One of his clients visits, secretary let him know

4:29pm Frank leaves his office to meet the lady, he said he has to leave me here but will call me in later, and introduce.

4:50pm -5:43pm I was  introduced to Anne(the lady above, a client of Frank)

5:44pm bact to Frank’s office

5:51pm Call from Cory to Frank’s cell phone.

6:46pm leaving office

6:59pm @ a house where a meeting held: Frank gives legal advice to a group of home owners. They have a dispute with developer.

8:09pm-8:21pm The meeting wrapped up, few people come to Frank asking questions and commenting, and giving cookies wrapped on a napkin

8:35-10:34pm @ Restaurant, Dinner: Frank orders Buffalo burger and N.A. Beer

10:45-11:30pm @ SFAI


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