2/24/10, Project meeting 1: Ernie-Bob

Ernie-Bob, 47, Waiter & Professional Bullshitter

10:12am @ Second Street Brewery, Ernie-Bob is setting up tables, others are cleaning in the hall. As always(few times I have seen Erine) he is wearing shorts covering his knees: later on the night few people brought it up and I asked Ernie, he wears them only because it gets hot, not because he is scotish :p

10:21am Ernie-Bob makes coffee, fill up tea baskets, there were fire instruction from Tom, a floor manager

11am Setting up a birthday table for 20 people

11:20am Second Street Brewery is getting busy for lunch and few beer customers

11:50am Birthday guests arrives, by 12:30pm the hall is mostly full

1pm Birthday guests leaves, in 10min the long table set up is gone

Ernie sells his wife’s work, books with her illustrations, greeting cards, and eggs from their 30 chickens

2:45pm I ask Ernie about lunch: He only eats once during his 15 hour shift, that’s in the evening, he orders a steak salad for me.

4pm A couple with 4 christmas trees talk to me about their encounters with Ernie and his wife. They told me that Ernie gave his wife 120 presents last Christmas.

4:30pm I get to join a table of 2 people who collect items and resale on Ebay, Craig’s list, and New Mexcian. One has Spanish/Native American heritage and the other doesn’t want to know his own heritage. They are not really blending into the scene in Second Street, and they were the only customers Ernie-Bob wasn’t that friendly.

6:30pm Ernie-Bob bring me over to a table with a bunch of people making a blanket out of patches of crochet & knitting, it for a friend of theirs expecting a baby on March 3rd. I join them and make a patch to contribute.

7:15pm Ernie teaches me how to make a credit card payment on the registrar and putting an order. He is very cheering teacher. He says I should work in Second Street and/or look into working in a restaurant.

8pm Ernie got an order for a T-shirts and go insde to get one, he says he’s buying one for me, I take few minutes to pick one I like. Ernie asks if I tried it already, and I should wear them and act like as if I work there.

8:45pm Ernie let a lady try 4 samples of beers and she couldn’t remember which one is which, Ernie throws his pen on the floor and express “anger” in humorous way, he reminds her that she doesn’t need to remember the one she doesn’t like and finally get an order from her.

9:11pm Ernie hasn’t been eaten yet!

9:30pm Jason Schaefer, a computer consultant I followed the day before comes to Second Street Brewery with 2 of his friends to observe the observer. Ernie-Bob and the group of people greet each other in a loud joy.

9:55pm Ernie and I have a dinner: Mappa Tofu that I broght and Shirimp Quasadia Ernie ordered for us. During the dinner Ernie goes 3 times to take care of customers.

10:45pm- By now, there is no table for Ernie to serve. He starts wrapping up, doing side jobs like clean up and refill Ketchup bottles (2nd St goes through a dozen bottles of ketchups a day), Mayo, and etc.

12:15pm- Ernie close up and check in all the transactions of the day.

12:25pm Last customers leave the Second Street Brewery

12:40pm Ernie-Bob and I leave Second Street Brewery

1-2:30pm Santa Fe Art Institute

Total 16 hours 18 minutes


2 responses »

  1. Doug says:

    Ernie is good people. We call ourselves brother because, well, we have a strong (facial, at least) resemblance to each other.

    Ernie — you’re famous now!


  2. Carol says:

    WE love Ernie-Bob
    Besides the good food and friendly atmosphere, we frequent the original Second Street because of Ernie Bob
    He is the most delightful and professional server in all of Santa Fe
    We are always a little disappointed when we don’t get one of his tables
    but we are happy to watch him slide effortlessly like a shark through the tables to serve his customers
    Next year he needs to be voted #1 in the Reporter’s “Best of Santa Fe”
    Let’s create a new category just for Ernie Bob

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