I am an artist in residency of Santa Fe Art Institute, Hoyun Son and looking for local participants who have lived in Santa Fe at least 5 years and willing to be part of “the Map of Heart, Santa Fe”, a collective portrait of Santa Fe.

Just bring yourself as you are & Share your insight of Santa Fe and your life with me, and the rest of the world!

You are,

-Age between 16-86

-Living within Santa Fe County

-in a job not same as any other participants, include unemployed

-Available on a day between Feb. 15- March 15, 2010

You will,

-Spend 12-24 hours with me in a given day: if possible, I will follow you to your work, and all of your everyday routine. The only part out of ordinary will be that you will be invited to my studio at the end of the day.

-Share food: I will bring a homemade hot lunch, you will share your choice of Dinner with me.

You may,

-Be photographed

-Be videotaped

-What you said could be modified as part of a whole piece of art

Contact Hoyun:

Email h@hoyunson.com

Phone 312 927 5994


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