I will be followed as part of Map of the Heart, Chicago

I’ve been lived in Chicago a bit over 10 years, a place I live in the longest time in my life, and spend most of my adult life. Unlike other cities I did this piece, Chicago is a big part of me. So I decided that I should be included in Map of the Heart, Chicago. Today Helene, a good friend and a great photographer will follow me as I would follow other participants. I’m a bit nervous but in same time excited. I will be feeling similar things what 40 something of my participants felt, will be an interesting day!

Michelle and Mathew’s evening (AKA Red Rum & Sanjula Vamana)

Mary Ann’s Day (Reading Specialist in Chicago Public School)

8:10am Meeting @ Main office of Henry School

8:25am @ Office

8:45-8:59am @ a 6th grad classroom, talking to a teacher who used to be a Science Specialist, getting laptops for later of the day

9:10am Back to office

9:25am A meeting with principal, Bilingual Specialist, and the previous Science Specialist

9:36am Few talks with the principal after the meeting

9:41am Prep a meeting

9:45-10:35am Meeting with 4th grad teachers

10:39am Trying to talk to the principal but he is stepped out

10:45-52am Talking with the principal & Bilingual teach

10:53am Back to office

11:10-11:35am Lunch duty (KG kids’s lunch)

11:35-11:55am Lunch

12:05-12:35pm Meeting with 2nd grad teachers

12:45-1:17pm Meeting with 3rd grad teachers

1:25- 1:55pm Meeting with KG teachers

1:55-2:32pm Print/copy bilingual permission form for tutoring & distribute to all tutoring teachers

2:33pm Back to office

2:55-3:15pm Shows 4th grad teachers new information which she did have in the meeting earlier of the day, Return laptops

3:15-3:50pm Weekly Leaders Meeting @ library

3:52-4:35pm After the meeting, the principal pulls her out to help him with few stuff-brief review of new hiring candidate, revising some writings…etc

4:35pm Leaving the School, heading home to be handed over her 2 kids from her husband who goes to school every Monday evening


JoJo Baby’s Night

JoJo Baby, 40, Yippies, I can draw, Club Personality, Artist, Doll maker, Hair Dresser

JoJo Baby has many hats and many faces, many of us may have but he has more than usual.

As supplement of initial day of following him, I followed him again on 12/2/11 night, his preparation and hosting “Jojo Baby in the Electro Punk Underworld” in The Crocodile.

JoJo’s Day is following soon.

Lisa’s Morning

7:20am Home, getting ready 7:37am-7-59am Dropping off her son (13) to his school in Old Town, checking on his vocabulary while she’s driving 8:15am Parking Garage downtown to go to work 8:22am ATM-Depositing 9:28am Arrive at work(Dean of Faculty/Vice President for Academic Administration, School of the Art Institute of Chicago), checking emails 8:49am Checking with […]

Maria’s Night & Early morning

10:42pm @ Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar– Maria works on the front- Liquor store side register and  checking ID

1:15am Ed (one of Maria’s sons) give her bathroom break before he leaves, Joe Bryl (music programmer/DJ ) comes out once awhile and hang out with Maria

2:50am Maria starts to rush people to finish up-Bar side is closed, Maria counts money/bookkeeping /sweeping the floor

3:17am She’s done with her job, 2 people are still cleaning up

3:34am-3:38am Leaving work, dropping off 2 of her employees to a taco place and head home

4:13am Arrives home (west suburb)

4:28am Sets up a bed for me, gives me PJ, turns on heat and go to bed

Alberto’s Morning and Early Afternoon

8:58am Dropping kids(4 of them) to school 9am park his car in south side 9-9:28am commute to loop-usually walk but take a train today 9:28am At Harold Washington College, Office 9:30am In classroom 9:40am Ask Class to write 3 things they wish they are writing on FB right now (” Status Update”- Proclamatory statements 9:46am […]

Darlene’s Morning

7:03-7:32am Ironing Mason’s shirts (13, son), help Mason to pick what to wear 7:32-7:52am Driving Mason to school 8:11am Back to home, nap time 9:22am Alarm goes off, but she’s not up (she ended up taking longer nap because she hardly slept the night before) 12:03pm Jump in shower12:20-12:39pm Come out with plans for the […]